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posted 2019-01-11T16:05:33 in Product Announcement

Whether you’re building a new athletic facility or maintaining existing ones, there’s a lot to consider. Let the American Sports Builders Association help you find the information you need and partners who can turn your dreams into realities

Just look at all ASBA has to offer to athletic directors, coaches, facility managers and other administrators when it comes to tennis courts, running tracks, fields, and indoor sports facilities. First, it has a free searchable database of its members. Need a contractor, design professional or supplier? Check here to find specific people, products, equipment, areas of expertise or even industry members in your geographic area.

Next, learn about ASBA’s design professionals. Why work with a design professional? Because every great project, every solution to every puzzling problem and every outstanding facility starts with a plan. They’re the people who can sure your facilities meets all wants and needs.

The ABSA is always ready to help with the building process. ASBA offers a voluntary certification program for its contractors who want to be able to display their advanced understanding of sports facility design, construction and problem-solving. Members can become certified in three different disciplines. The certification program was developed by the ASBA to help raise professional standards and to improve the practice of sports facility construction. The designations of Certified Tennis Court Builder (CTCB), Certified Track Builder (CTB) and Certified Field Builder (CFB) are all available and are earned by those who can pass a comprehensive exam on the construction and maintenance of each facility, and by fulfilling prescribed standards of experience to demonstrate a high level of expertise in construction. Find a builder here.

And if you’re just looking for information, ASBA has a library of answers to frequently asked questions. If you’re looking for more details information or specifications, ASBA has a library of publications that are regarded as the industry standard. They’re available in hard copy or in electronic form, meaning you can save on shipping costs and keep the information at your fingertips, whether inside your office or out.

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