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Stay Green While Keeping Athletes Hydrated

posted 2019-01-11T14:27:49 in Product Announcement

There’s a lot of emphasis on sustainability and being “green” in today’s culture. Did you know there’s a solar-powered drinking fountain that powers itself while you keep your athletes well hydrated.

The Del Sol line of portable drinking fountains from WissTech features a sliding retractable solar panel charger that feeds a 14Ah lithium ion battery. This means no external battery charger is needed to keep it running. Simply raise the panel and the machine will charge as you use it. Complete charging can take as little as six hours.

The Del Sol line includes all the features you’d expect in a portable fountain, such as a run-dry sump shut-off timer, water filter with replaceable cartridge, quick disconnect quick drain, 10-inch no flat tires, and sealed wheel bearings. You can also customize its look with a optional graphic wrap.

The Del Sol comes in three sizes—20 gallon, 35 gallon, and 50 gallon reflect the size of their insulated tanks. The 20- and 35-gallon models come with six bend water nozzles and the 50-gallon model is equipped with 12.

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