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BSCG/Banned Substances Control Group

Banned Substances Control Group Committed to Transparency

posted 2019-01-08T22:00:52 in Product Announcement

The Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) believes in transparency in dietary supplement certification for banned substances in sports is essential to understanding the underlying protection offered. To be transparent, a certification provider should clearly describe the fundamental aspects of certification: the drugs included in the testing menu, detection or reporting levels or other thresholds used, and a clear list of batch numbers that have been certified. BSCG’s commitment to transparency and open communication, along with their independence and scientific expertise in the field of sports doping control, sets them apart from their competitors.

BSCG has established the highest standard with respect to transparency in third-party certification for banned substances in sports. Look for clarity from them on all the key elements.

Testing Menu

The BSCG Certified Drug Free® industry-leading testing menu is clearly defined on their website ( BSCG is currently the only leading third-party certification provider to have a page on their site that provides a list of the drugs included in their testing menu. The BSCG Certified Drug Free® testing menu covers over 275 drugs banned in sport and an additional 211 prescription, over-the-counter, or illicit drugs not banned in sport that no other provider protects against.

Detection and Reporting Levels Used

BSCG offers a clear explanation of the detection and reporting levels used to certify products. If they find a compound banned in sport, they report it and do not certify the product (except in rare instances like when a compound is naturally present at insignificant trace levels in a product). BSCG dos not believe in, nor do they employ, maximum allowable level per serving thresholds for the performance-enhancing drugs in their testing menu. BSCG detection levels are in the 10-100 parts per billion (ppb) range for most compounds in most products, with a few drugs in the 100-500 ppb range ; detection levels can vary by matrix and may be lower or higher in some products.

Batches Tested

BSCG provides each individual finished product batch number that has been certified on their online database and certified product page listings. Most clients certify every finished batch, although BSCG also offers a monthly testing option. They believe in clarity when it comes to the scope and scale of what has been tested. They do not employ any mystery testing schemes or have any fine print, nor do they use general undefined terms in their database listing.

Thankfully, the nutrition industry as a whole is moving toward greater transparency, a development that BSCG has long supported. BSCG is proud to be leading the change in their corner of the industry for full disclosure of fundamental elements of third-party certification for banned substances in sport. They are honest and open with what they certify and how they do it. They believe that trust demands transparency.

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