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How Hydrotherapy Can Help With Healing From Ankle Sprains

posted 2019-01-03T19:51:38 in Product Announcement

Ankle sprains are one of those injuries that can derail an athlete’s season. It’s all to easy for them to try to return to action before they’re truly ready, extending the time it takes for them to heal completely.

A post on the SwimEx website offers suggestions for using hydrotherapy to help athletes heal from lateral ankle sprains in a safe and efficient manner. The buoyancy of water creates a non-weight bearing environment for athletes, which allows them to exercise with less stress on their joints and muscles. In addition, the water’s resistance helps maintain or even build strength on the muscles surrounding the ankle with limited stress to the joint itself.

Click here for a special infographic from SwimEx outlining effective hydrotherapy exercises for treating lateral ankle sprains.



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