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Do More with DynaBoards

posted 2019-01-02T18:54:56 in Product Announcement

DynaDisc® balance disc cushions from Exertools are a versatile balance training tool and a staple of many strength and core stabilization workouts. Extend your use of DynaDiscs by adding DynaBoard balance boards to your tool kit.

DynaBoard balance boards rest atop DynaDisc balance cushions to broaden the types of exercises you can use. Put a DynaBoard on one DynaDisc and it will act as a wobble board. Put it on top of two DynaDiscs and it becomes a rocker board. You can also change the amount of air in the DynaDisc to change the board height, thus influencing the range of motion and level of difficulty.

DynaBoards come in four sizes—15, 20, and 30 inch circles, as well a 20×40 inch rectangle. All are made from Baltic birch and include an aluminum oxide non-skid grip surface. You can also get a board stand made out of the same material to store a full set of DynaBoards.

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