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The Locker Room

Connect with Alumni and Raise Funds

posted 2018-12-27T18:51:32 in Product Announcement

Coaches have enough to do taking care of their team. But alumni support and fundraising are a key to success for a lot of programs, too. One way to help the second with little impact on the first is through The Locker Room, a social media website designed to helps teams raise funds and connect with alumni and other boosters.

The Locker Room provides every team in the country with a game plan to provide a recurring revenue stream to support their related programs in a truly innovative way. Using a customized social media platform, The Locker Room has domains unique to every participating school. Each school will have a site administrator to control its secure locker rooms.

Alumni athletes will be asked to answer the call to Jersey Up!™–to put on the jersey one more time to help their team. They will be connected via a designated, virtual locker room to others who share the tradition of the same jersey, played the same sport, or competed in the same event. Members will pay an annual Locker Fee that will transport them into The Locker Room where memories and relationships with former teammates will be rekindled and new ones made. Old photos, videos, stories can all be uploaded and shared in The Locker Room.

Click here to learn more or watch the video below for more information.

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