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S-Drive Pushes Athletes of All Kinds

posted 2018-12-20T19:11:13 in Product Announcement

By now, strength and conditioning coaches and athletic trainers are well aware of the amazing benefits of training athletes on Matrix’s S-Drive Performance Trainer, but not many know the full story of how this innovation was created in the first place.

“To develop the S-Drive Performance Trainer, we began as we always do, by listening to the needs of the fitness world and rising to the challenge,” Matrix states on its website. “In this case, we discovered that group circuit training environments and athletic performance training facilities were looking for the same thing—a tool to help users take on the 30-second all-out sprints of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).”

Since user’s motion drives the belt, the design team had to find the perfect angle (seven degrees) and then perfectly paired it with a flywheel, resistance parachute, and harness for safety and stability. “They found that they could provide a true-to-life ground reaction force for users of virtually any size,” Matrix states on its website.

According to Matrix, customers are ecstatic about how “intense, engaging, and easy to get on and off” the S-Drive proves to be in fast-paced training environments. Industry professionals were especially impressed by the harness’ ability to perform “a complete range of upper body” movements. “Now coaches and trainers could closely observe and critique form in every phase of sprinting,” states the company on its website, “something that’s impossible when the athlete is sprinting away from them on a track.”

Since its debut, the S-Drive has been “pushing athletes of all kinds.” “Whether used as part of a circuit training environment or as part of an athletic training program, the S-Drive offers an intense exercise experience that can be adjusted to challenge all users, from the aspiring fitness enthusiast to the elite athlete,” according to Matrix. “Only the S-Drive Performance Trainer combines the benefits of a self-powered treadmill, weighted sled, resistance parachute and harness system in one space-saving footprint.”

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