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Sports Laundry Systems

How One School Doubled Its Laundry Production

posted 2018-12-20T16:58:36 in Case Study

After replacing its old laundry room equipment with new machines from Sports Laundry Systems, Alabama State University has doubled its laundry production.

“The new Sports Laundry System has cut drying time in half,” says Alabama State Equipment Manager Dante Tyson-Bey said. “We used to complete two loads of laundry per day. Now, we process five loads a day.”

This has given Tyson-Bey more time to attend to his other duties as equipment manager. In addition, the laundry is cleaner then ever before.

“Our athletic laundry used to smell sour even when it was clean,” Tyson-Bey said. “Now it smells wonderful; my student athletes notice its freshness too.”

Click hear to read a full case study of Alabama State’s switch to Sports Laundry Systems.

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