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Adjust for Success

posted 2018-02-18T22:50:38 in Product Announcement

Having a large amount of athletes weight training at the same time is sometimes a necessity, but can also become a hassle and a danger. With PowerBlock Dumbbells, there is no longer a need to stress about too many athletes working out simultaneously. Strength and sport coaches can make their weight room more efficient and safe by replacing racks of dumbbells with just one PowerBlock. With multiple options available, coaches can choose a set that adjusts from 4 pounds all the way up to 175 pounds per hand.

IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida serves 1100 athletes full-time, while between 500 to 1500 athletes attend summer camps at the boarding school. And athletes from college and professional teams have been known to utilize the school’s facilities, leaving multiple teams vying for the weight room at once. Finished in 2016, the West Campus weight room at IMG makes space for a multitude of athletes by including 24 racks, each with its own set of PowerBlock dumbbells. “PowerBlock has allowed us to run the program that we want to,” says Head of Physical Conditioning Scott Gadeken. “With so many moving parts and so many athletes coming through the weight room, being able to have quality equipment that is easily adjustable and multi-functional is very important.”

Athletes can use PowerBlock dumbbells to do a variety of exercises without ever leaving their station or moving equipment. And Coaches can group their athletes to accomplish more, as two athletes can use a set simultaneously when engaging in single-arm exercises. “We don’t have people walking between stations or through exercises,” says Gadeken. “And everyone stays up tempo because there is no waiting for dumbbells. They help us get more done in a safer and more efficient manner.”

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