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SwimEx, Inc.

Custom Designs for Custom Therapy Pool Needs

posted 2018-12-09T17:16:08 in Product Announcement


No two athletic departments have exactly the same needs for their hydrotherapy equipment, so SwimEx stands ready to custom design their therapy pools to meet your particular requirements.

For example, SwimEx designed a custom 1500 T therapy pool for the Denver Broncos. Their Director of Sports Medicine, Steve “Greek” Antonopulos wanted a zero-entry lift that would allow inured players easy access to the therapy pool while also allowing it to stop at any water depth. SwimEx incorporated the zero-entry lift into a 1500 T pool to meet this need.

Here’s a video of the pool in action.

James Madison University on the other hand, also wanted an integrated treadmill in its pool along with a different of stairs. SwimEx was able to meet these needs.

Click here to learn more about the 1500 T pool from SwimEx and see pictures from both the Denver Broncos’ pool and the one at James Madison.



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