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Wood Lockers That Combine Form and Function

posted 2018-12-04T20:35:32 in Product Announcement

Locker rooms are more than a place to change clothes for most athletes. They’re a home away from home—a place to hang out with teammates and escape from the demands of the rest of the day.

They’re also a big part of recruiting at the college level. Regardless of level, make sure your school stays in the game with Recruiter™ Lockers from List Industries.

These lockers are high-quality furniture pieces made from red oak and finished with three layers of lacquer to create a stunning unit that is moisture and mildew resistant. They include a lower footlocker-seat for storing items and an upper security box with a built-in combination lock or an optional DigiTech™ electronic lock.

They come in two standard sizes—24 inches wide and 30 inches wide. Both models are 24 inches deep and 84 inches tall. And if the stock lockers don’t fit your needs, List Industries can design and manufacture custom lockers to your specifications. This can even include using different species of wood for a special look.

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