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High School Achieves Long-Term Vision

posted 2018-12-03T17:02:03 in Case Study

In Illinois, athletics are held to a high standard. That’s why Yorkville High School requested the assistance of Samson Equipment on a complete makeover for its weight room.

Since 2014, the Yorkville Foxes have been enjoying the top-of-the-line equipment provided by Samson—and reaping the benefits. The 4,000 square-foot facility features 12 Racks with Inlaid Platforms, 15 TRX Stations, Six Cable Columns, a Custom Rig System, and all of necessary accessories.

“(The custom rigs) is something that no other weight room in the country has,” Ryan Chatman, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Yorkville, tells Kendall County Now. “There are more pull-ups, more bars — it’s completely custom and we love that. It gives more stations for our athletes and it spreads them out more so they can do multiple things at each station.”

According to Chatman, this #SamsonStrong transformation achieved the vision they were hoping for. “Now we can do different things and portray different styles of training that a lot of different high schools don’t do and a lot of high schools wish they could do,” says Chatman. “It’s a complete change from what it used to be. We really made it as best as we could for the students.

“A lot of high school teams emphasize strength and conditioning in the off-season. This is just going to capitalize on what we’ve been doing,” continues Chatman. “Lifelong fitness is the goal.”

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