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ZERO1 Debuts in Missouri High School

posted 2018-12-03T16:59:22 in Case Study

An anonymous donation to the football team at St. Louis University High School in St. Louis, Missouri, meant more to the program than just free helmets.

A long-term investment was made in the lives of these student-athletes as they became the first high school football team in the state to be outfitted with the safest helmet in football, the VICIS ZERO1. “We believed right away that these would be a step in the right direction,” Chris Muskopf, Athletic Director, tells KMOV4.

“It’s a little bit bigger and a little bit heavier,” says former National Football League player Michael Jones,” but the mass center is more in the middle … when you see it on a kid it sits up a little higher.”

Though these helmets are just beginning to emerge at the high school level, the ZERO1 has been popular at higher levels for quite some time. “A lot of guys in the NFL wear these types of helmets so I was familiar with them,” Jones says. “They have the technology that I believe other helmets may not have.”

“I know the young men are excited about the helmets,” adds Muskopf.


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