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Sports Laundry Systems

The Secret Behind Laundry Efficiency

posted 2018-11-19T22:03:28 in Product Announcement

While the washer half of washer-extractors get most of the attention in the equipment room, the extractors play a key role in cleaning athletic laundry effectively and efficiently.

The extractors in machines from Sports Laundry Systems produce up to 387 G-force. Higher extractor speeds and forces are important because as they increase, so does the amount of water removed from each load.

This, in turn, makes uniforms, towels, and warm-ups easy and quicker to dry. Sports Laundry Systems can cut drying times by up to 50 percent, maximizing laundry production and minimizing staff time. In addition, apparel lasts longer because the fabrics experience less heat and wear while budgets are boosted by reduced use of natural gas and electricity.

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