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Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC

Underwater Training for Rehabilitation & Conditioning

posted 2018-02-18T22:30:37 in Product Announcement

If you are searching for a way to help your athletes obtain extreme physical fitness quicker, recover faster from injury, and begin training earlier after an injury, look no further than the AquaFit Underwater Treadmill System from Hudson Aquatic Systems. Working in water, athletes will experience higher outcomes with workouts in half the time as land based workouts. With this system, coaches and athletic trainers can also provide their athletes with 360 degrees of resistance for all movements. And unlike regular treadmills, coaches and athletic trainers can use the AquaFit for a number of different exercises.

Watch this video to see how athletic programs can use the Aquafit not only for running, but also to strengthen other areas of athletes’ bodies including their ankles, hips, and arms:


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