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Records to Shoot For

posted 2018-11-08T17:29:04 in Product Announcement

With basketball season on the way, give your players something to shoot for with record and goal boards from Austin Plastic and Supply.

Austin has a varsity of record boards to celebrate top performances. You can choose the categories you want to include and whether you want to use engraved name plates or easy-to-update card stock.

The standard width is 48 inches and heights range from 48 inches to 84 inches. This allows you to include both boys’ and girls’ records on one board or feature game, season, and career marks for one of the programs.

Coaches will also like Austin’s goal boards, which track whether the team hits benchmarks in pre-determined areas in each game. These boards are 39 inches by 32 inches and typically include room for 15 categories and 16 games.

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