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Limit Access With Portable Gates

posted 2018-11-06T20:23:06 in Product Announcement

Whenever you hold an event at your school, you’re inviting members of the public to make use of your facilities. And while you generally want as many people as possible to attend, you want to make sure they stay in designated areas.

Portable gates from List Industries can help you quickly and easily block off access to selected areas your facilities. List’s line of Superior® Portable Gates feature a simplified patented pressure lock system that allows them be installed instantly between two walls without the need of anchors to the floor or wall.

Their compact folded size and swivel casters make them easy to move and store. Cylinder locks are also available for additional security.

Gates come in five standard sizes designed to cover openings three-and-a-half to 18-feet wide and 78 inches tall. The standard height for all gates is six-and-a-half feet. The collapsed sizes range from 19 to 30 inches wide.

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