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Must Have Filling Stations

posted 2018-11-01T15:15:25 in Product Announcement

Waterboy Sports offers a complete line of hydration products that make the lives of athletic trainers and coaches everywhere that much easier. Athletic departments can even choose to customize these systems, including everything from minor modifications to custom installations.

Coaches and athletic directors everywhere are currently buzzing about the Horizontal Chiller Filling Station, a wagon-mounted, towable, chiller-style hydration system lovingly also known as “the water cow.” Its patented four-spigot design allows for Through-the-Lid bottle filling (with 24 Through-the-Lid bottles and four carriers included) and will arrive fully assembled. Athletes will notice the difference in the temperature of their drinking water alone, as a 120-quart Igloo SuperTough ice chest chills water as it flows through the system.

The Horizontal Power Filling Station is also making waves in the athletic industry. Another “water cow,” its features are very similar to the Horizontal Chiller Filling Station. The main differences are its eight direct hydration nozzles with FDA-approved beverage spouts equipped with anti-microbial-treated Safety Spouts; 55-gallon tank with All-drain sump for more complete draining; and a Power Pack including a rechargeable battery with an external charging port and an EPA-approved water pump.

In the video below, here what these athletic professionals are saying about Waterboy Sports Filling Stations.

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