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ATs Everywhere Prefer Cho-Pat

posted 2018-11-01T15:04:34 in Product Announcement


For over 30 years, Cho-Pat, a complete line of straps, braces, and compression products and part of the Medi-Dyne family of brands, has been trusted by athletic trainers in search for the unique combination of support and freedom of movement.

The line began with an innovation of orthotist George Gauvry called the Cho-Pat Original Knee Strap, which revolutionized the way knee disorders are treated. Now, Cho-Pat products come in multiple sizes to exactly fit and support the healing of more than just the knee. These areas include the ankle and foot, arm, and leg.

Sport-specific injuries and conditions are a specialty of the Cho-Pat brand. There is a brace, strap, or compression product for nearly every case that enters the athletic training room, including shin splints, tennis and golfer’s elbow, swimmer’s arm, and runner and jumper’s knee.

The video below shows the Cho-Pat Original Knee Strap in action.

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