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Unleash Explosive Athletic Performance

posted 2018-11-01T14:59:06 in Video

The S-Drive Performance Trainer by Matrix Fitness has exploded in popularity across the world of athletic training. With the ability to simulate sled pushing and pulling in a small space, more and more athletic trainers are buying into the S-Drive’s benefits.

The S-Drive features both a sled brake and a parachute brake, which can both be adjusted to vary between cardio and strength-building workouts. The sled brake’s eight resistance settings and parachute brake’s 11 resistance settings, along with a zero start speed and unlimited top speed, allows the S-Drive to accommodate athletes of all performance levels.

Above all, the S-Drive is safe. Handrails offer convenient entry, exit, and support, and its heavy-duty decks stand up to intense workouts. Its low step-on height of seven inches offers easy access to all users, and the low inertia design makes the S-Drive ideal for high-intensity interval training.

In the video below, see all of the S-Drive’s unique features in action.

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