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Aquatic Therapy Can Extend Athletes’ Careers

posted 2018-11-01T14:54:18 in Case Study

Athletic trainers everywhere know that injuries are an inevitable evil in sports, and they also realize these catastrophic blows to an athlete’s career can actually force an early retirement. Luckily, Hudson Aquatics has good news—the benefits of aquatic therapy are extending more and more careers, and an Olympian can prove it.

“I’ve had three knee procedures and numerous other rehab stints and train four hours a day,” says Lloy Ball, Olympic Gold Medalist, NCAA All-American, and 16-year professional volleyball player. “I know how important training, conditioning, and physical therapy are, and the aquatic underwater treadmill line by Hudson Aquatics Systems is a game changer!”

While aquatic therapy is not new to the physical therapy and athletic training world, athletes currently using it for rehabilitation are wishing they had started using it earlier in their career—all because of the difference it has made. “These products will add career longevity to an athlete’s life by increasing muscle mass, strength gains, and overall endurance without damaging hips, knees, and ankle joints,” confirms Ball.

Exercising in water allows athletes to train and condition to help with balance, add more resistance to challenge themselves, and increase their overall strength and endurance. “Athletes put less stress on joints and muscles, experience less fatigue, and improve strength, range of motion, mobility, and flexibility, resulting in a quicker recovery,” according to Hudson Aquatics. “The experience can also lead to a better quality of life and mental attitude, which is sometimes half the battle of recovery and ultimately can extend (or save) the life of an athlete’s career.”

“The therapeutic nature of these systems is great for the aching pain that comes with training and age,” adds Ball. “It sure will make a huge difference in my life.”

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