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School District Praises WeatherSentry, Lightning Manager

posted 2018-11-01T14:45:38 in Case Study

In Frisco, Texas, the Frisco Independent School District knows when to play hard and when to play it safe—all thanks to the WeatherSentry Sports Edition by DTN. Thanks to the program, school officials are alerted when lightning is headed their way and where it’s coming from to safely usher students, staff, and fans indoors.

Located in northern Texas roughly 15 miles from Dallas, Frisco is home to one of the fastest-growing school districts in the United States. With six high schools and about 6,500 high school students, Frisco ISD has approximately 2,000 student-athletes competing in outdoor sports.

“The decision to go with DTN was a no-brainer,” according to a representative of the school district. “We’ve tried other products in the past, but this service blew them out of the water.”

Thanks to the assistance of the weather-intel experts at DTN, Frisco ISD created its own customized WeatherSentry Online Sports Edition system, providing the district access to reliable, accurate forecasts—both online and via mobile devices. It also receives real-time lightning information, sends out alerts when severe weather is approaching, and connects school officials to DTN’s team of experienced meteorologists 24/7 to get questions answered in minutes.

Frisco ISD officials also rely on DTN’s Lightning Manager, a tool that provides insights on approaching inclement weather to help decide on whether to continue to play, delay a game, or call it all off. In addition, Frisco ISD has the ability to monitor current local weather conditions and extended forecasts, which assists them greatly in better planning practice and game schedules to keep athletes out of severe weather and extreme temperatures.

“When dangerous weather rolls in, there’s no one the Frisco ISD trusts more than DTN to provide accurate, reliable forecasts that help keep students and spectators safe,” states DTN on its website.

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