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Quik-Lok Serves Athletic Needs Nationwide

posted 2018-11-01T14:39:18 in Product Announcement

Aurora Storage is trusted for innovative storage solutions in many industries, yet athletic needs have quickly become one of their specialties. Its products can securely store everything an athletic director can think of—from team gear and student-athlete records to electronics used on game days and more.

“Anyone who’s ever worked in education can tell you all about the challenges of storage and the unique problems it presents,” states Aurora Storage on its website. “School facilities require thoughtful space planning for efficient and secure storage. It’s not simply enough to install a few shelving units—most institutions require solutions that go above and beyond the basic.”

While finding space-efficient storage can be a challenge, Aurora Storage’s Quik-Lok Shelving system, is among the most versatile offerings on the market. “What makes it so appealing is the ease of assembly. No tools are needed to assemble or disassemble the shelving,” according to Aurora Storage. “Putting it together requires only positioning the uprights, adding shelf supports and shelves, and doesn’t require the complexities of screws, bolts, or clips for assembly.”

Customers of Aurora Storage benefit from a variety of features, including an assortment of sizes and the ability to retrofit any aspect of the storage unit for extra security. Accessories like dividers, sloped shelves, hanging racks, and browser boxes are also available to maximize the system’s efficiency. In addition, the company can support projects of any size thanks to a wide range of standard choices and custom options.

“Even if there are fire sprinklers or other intruding overhead mechanical equipment in a storage area, we can install a mobile system with low-profile carriages that actually gain more vertical storage space to serve your needs,” states Aurora Storage on its website. “No matter how large or small your storage problem, the professional team at Aurora Storage is here to work with you and create the best possible storage scenario for your space.”

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