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Athleticscapes Provide Edge in Recruiting

posted 2018-11-01T14:35:16 in Blog

When competing with other colleges and universities for the best of the top high school student-athletes in the process of recruiting, the appearance of a campus’ athletic facilities usually makes all the difference.

However, it takes more than just a state-of-the-art athletic training center or extravagant stadium to win over recruits. Schools must include “an overlay of narratives” into their recruitment efforts that show the prospective student-athlete how he or she will fit into place, according to John Roberson, CEO of Advent. “It’s about the immersive messaging that’s wrapped around the product,” Roberson says, according to The Athletic Edge.

That’s why The Athletic Edge is committed to providing the most effective “athleticscapes” to its clients that portray a complete picture of their potential life on campus for high school recruits. According to The Athletic Edge, Roberson says that the goal is to shape the student-athlete’s perceptions of the quality of the institution. “When college officials talk about buildings, it’s about the emotion the building embodies,” Roberson explains. “That’s not something that colleges want to leave to chance.”

Effective “athleticscapes” aren’t just for the collegiate level, either, as they can form impressions at the high school level as well. This became evident with a project at Phillips Academy (Andover, Mass.) in February, when the high school unveiled its new 98,000-square foot athletic and academic center. It not only impresses current students but alumni and donors as well. “We created a short- and long-term vision for the school,” says Stephen Sefton of Perkins+Will, the project’s architect, according to The Athletic Edge.

The possibilities to brand your school’s “athleticscapes” are endless thanks to The Athletic Edge, which constantly reminds all athletic administrators that first impressions are everything in the business of recruiting. High schools, colleges, and pro teams everywhere are already benefiting from The Athletic Edge’s bold design expertise and cost-effective solutions to communicate a positive brand image to athletes, students, boosters, and the general public.

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