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Postseason Pools

posted 2018-10-07T18:32:05 in Product Announcement

Baseball fans will be watching closely these next weeks as Major League Baseball crowns a new champion. And so will the people at SwimEx.

In a blog post on its website, SwimEx shows us the hydrotherapy products used by six of the playoff teams. They lead off with the Boston Red Sox and a picture of the team’s beautiful SwimEx 600 T hydrotherapy pool. Next up are the Cleveland Indians and their extended 600 T hydrotherapy pool. Batting third at the Colorado Rockies with another 600 T.

The Milwaukee Brewers hold the clean up spot with their 1000 T hydrotherapy pool from SwimEx that includes two integrated treadmills along with hot and cold plunge pools. Batting fifth are the New York Yankees and their 600 T with a two-inch extension followed by the Houston Astros and their 600 T with a medium cold plunge pool.

Click here to learn more about these pools and the benefits of hydrotherapy. While there, you can also request a copy of SwimEx’s Ultimate Guide to Designing and Planning a Hydrotherapy Space.


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