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S-Drive Improves Posture, Power, and Endurance

posted 2018-10-02T20:48:46 in Case Study

Jim Kielbaso, MS, CSCS, is the President of the International Youth Conditioning Association and the director of the Total Performance Training Center in Wixom, Michigan. He is also the latest strength coach to incorporate the S-Drive Performance Trainer by Matrix into routines with his athletes.

“We have trained hundreds of high school and college athletes on the S-Drive, and most of them have developed a strong love/hate relationship with it, which is exactly what we want from a piece of equipment,” says Kielbaso. “We train young athletes, all the way up to the professionals, and have used the S-Drive on some of the smallest and largest athletes you’ll encounter. Everyone is able to benefit from it.”

Kielbaso primarily utilizes the S-Drive to work on running posture, anaerobic power, and endurance. “My favorite feature of the S-Drive is that you can add both resisted sprinting and pushing work into your program in a very small space—and at an affordable price,” says Kielbaso.

The S-Drive was a great fit for adding this type of resistance training to Kielbaso’s training center thanks to its compact design and appealing price. “This is a perfect option for anyone who wants to add sled pushing or resisted sprinting activities to a program but doesn’t have enough space to adequately perform them,” affirms Kielbaso. “It is an incredibly cost-effective and space-efficient way to add resisted sprinting to any program. You can get multiple units for the same price as other brands charge for one unit.”

Above all, Kielbaso found that working with the experts at Matrix to be a pleasurable process that he would go through over and over again. “Working with Matrix has been a great experience,” says Kielbaso. “I would recommend the S-Drive or S-Force to anyone working with athletes or adults who want a challenging anaerobic workout.”

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