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SwimEx, Inc.

New Hydrotherapy Room at Holy Cross

posted 2018-09-09T18:23:55 in Case Study

Student-athletes at The College of Holy Cross have a new state-of-the-art aquatic therapy room to help them be ready for every game. As detailed in a blog post on the SwimEx website, the room features hot and cold plunge pools from the company. The cold plunge pool helps to reduce pain from aching muscles, limit lactic acid build up, and reduce soreness. The chiller in the SwimEx cold plunge pool keeps water at a therapeutic 50 degrees while the insulated fiberglass shell lowers cooling costs and keeps the water at a consistent temperature.

The hot plunge pool is designed to help with sore limbs and joints before practices and games, as well as when rehabbing from injury. It also facilities muscle recovery while helping to reduce pain and swelling. The SwimEx hot plunge pool brings water up to 104 degrees and again features an insulated shell for more consistent performance and lower costs.

SwimEx plunge pools come in four standard sizes and can be pre-assembled or delivered in section when access is tight. They can also design custom sizes to fit into existing spaces. Click here to request a guide on designing and planning a hydrotherapy room.


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