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Eversan, Inc.

A Multi-Purpose Solution

posted 2018-09-08T21:55:33 in Blog

Most schools utilize their gymnasium for a myriad of activities, but purchasing separate equipment for every sport can get expensive. Athletic directors can decrease their spending and become more efficient with the Indoor Multi-Purpose LED Scoreboard from Eversan, Inc. With 12-inch LED digits for Home, Guest, and Time, coaches and athletic directors don’t have to worry about their fans and spectators missing a single score. And a 180-degree viewing angle provided through an innovative design by Eversan, Inc. allows excellent viewing from anywhere in the arena.

This multi-purpose scoreboard is available in three modes—basketball, volleyball, and hockey. And athletes, coaches, and fans can better keep track of the time left for every play, as the scoreboard displays time to tenths of a second when the period time falls below one minute. Beyond adding multi-functionality to any gym, this scoreboard is also finished with the highest quality powder coat so athletic directors can be sure that their investment will continue looking new for years to come.

Click here to learn more about how Eversan Inc.’s Indoor Multi-Purpose LED Scoreboard can add functionality to your gymnasium.

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