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Football’s Safest Helmet Arrives at Kentucky High School

posted 2018-09-04T17:11:15 in Case Study

Kentucky Country Day School has become the first high school in the state to outfit its football team with the VICIS ZERO1 Helmet, which has been dubbed the safest helmet in football by the NFL.

The price was well worth it, according to Matthew Jones, head coach of the Bearcats. “I think a lot of programs, and we, have to choose between new lights on our field or these helmets. Or new uniforms and these helmets. In my study and my estimation, the safety of our kids always came to the forefront to be number one,” Jones told Lexington Herald Leader. “And not that the other kids we play aren’t safe. But, for me, that’s number one.”

Mere weeks into the school year, the Bearcats are already noticing the difference. Players note that they have experienced more comfort, and the frequency of headaches decreased since switching to the ZERO1. “You can tell a difference,” senior linebacker Lawson Whiting told Lexington Herald Leader. “In the spring we were wearing the other helmets and now when you go up to hit someone, I don’t get the headaches I used to get. Every once in a while on one of the bigger hits your head would be ringing. I haven’t had that happen yet.”

His teammate, senior tight end Hunter Bates, agrees. “Normally at this point, at full-contact, my head would be hurting and I’d be having a lot of headaches after practice,” Bates said in the same article.

The squad also appreciated that each player had their helmet custom-fitted by a Vicis representative, which allowed for further individual customizations to be made. For example, junior quarterback Dorian Heard opted to cut his visor window further to improve his peripheral vision, telling the Lexington Herald Leader the ZERO1 provides “better vision for quarterbacks and any other position out there.”

While over 400 high school programs are outfitting their student-athletes with the ZERO1 this season, Jones believes more and more athletic departments will understand the improved level of safety that comes with each helmet. “From planning practice to our off-season program to our game-day procedure, everything needs to come back to the safety of our athletes,” Jones told Lexington Herald Leader. “We need to check and double check that all the boxes are taken care and that our kids can cut loose and have fun playing the game instead of having to worry about all the outside things.”

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