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OSU Upgrades Weight Room with Modernization Program

posted 2018-09-04T17:04:45 in New Ideas

When Oregon State University reached out to Samson Equipment, their request was unique. With its weight training equipment still in great shape and not in need of replacing, OSU thought to revolutionize its existing weight room by adding new customizations.

Before the project, OSU’s weight room contained 22 Double Power Stations with eight-foot platforms and custom logos. It also had Dip Attachments, Custom Technique Boxes, neck machines, and a 112u Hip Sled – all with custom embroidery. In addition, the Beavers had 14 Double Tier Dumbbell Racks with a total of 18,480 pounds of dumbbells.

Now, the Beavers have added to that lineup and train with six brand new FTR Racks with Custom Embroidered Benches, Custom Graphics, Platforms, and Custom Technique Boxes. There are even eight new sets of adjustable dumbbells.

This was all possible through Samson Equipment’s Modernization Program, which no other equipment company offers. “We can come in, take all your equipment, bring it all back to our facility, revamp and give you all the new bells and whistles that we’re unrolling right now and over the last couple of years,” explains Scott Schroeder, Director of Sales and Marketing for Samson Equipment. “Then we bring it all back, and it saves a ton of money on capital spending. You get all the new upgrades with all of our equipment, and our turnaround time is fast.”

In the video below, Schroeder further explains the Modernization Program that enables the Beavers to continue to be a threat in the Pac 12 and provides an example of a before and after transformation.

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