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Sports Medicine Pros Prefer ProStretch Plus

posted 2018-09-04T16:51:20 in Product Announcement

Tight calves and hamstrings can become problematic for any athlete, especially those at the youth, high school and college levels. That’s why stretching properly is so important, and sports medicine professionals are always looking for the best techniques to protect the muscles of their growing student-athletes.

Enter Medi-Dyne, an international favorite of strength coaches and athletic trainers. They offer a complete line of products to not only assist athletes in stretching those tight areas, but they also innovate solutions aimed at preventing injuries and relieving pain.

Maria Hutsick, Athletic Trainer at Medfield High School and former Director of Sports Medicine at Boston University, tried the ProStretch Plus with her runners, who quickly preferred this method of stretching. “They appreciated the deeper hamstring and calf stretch it provided and their ability to control how they worked into the stretch,” Hutsick explains. “The ProStretch Plus enables the user to stretch the plantar fascia and to isolate the hamstrings, gastrocnemius, and soleus. It provides a great way to teach the difference between the muscles and how to stretch each thoroughly.”

Delano Carneiro, a high school lacrosse strength and conditioning coach and athletic trainer since 2005, also opts for the ProStretch Plus with his athletes. “I love having it on the sidelines. Players get a much better hamstring and calf stretch. Some of the manual stretches just aren’t deep enough for the more flexible athletes. The ProStretch Plus accomodated everyone,” he says. “More importantly they want to use it, so I know they’re getting their stretching done effectively.”

Medi-Dyne knows that “not all stretches are created equal,” and the chance for injury due to poor techniques has always been a top concern for strength coaches and athletic trainers. That’s why the company, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary, offers over sixty products to properly loosen up the tightest areas on your athlete’s body, prevent injuries, and aid in pain relief. In addition to the ProStretch line, Medi-Dyne’s other well-recognized brands include 2Toms, Cho-Pat CoreStretch, RangeRoller, StretchRite, and Tuli’s. 

“Our commitment is to finding ways to keep people free of pain and free to move so that they are free to pursue their passions,” says Craig DiGiovanni, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Medi-Dyne. “It’s what motivates us to innovate and to develop products that really help people.”

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