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Find The Right Depth Chart Board

posted 2018-08-07T21:09:36 in Product Announcement

With football resuming at schools across the country, coaches are preparing for the task of managing the large rosters that are part of the sport. To help in this effort, many coaches rely on depth chart boards to show where everybody stands. These boards recognize those who have put in the time and effort to win a starting position while also motivating those want to see their name on the top of their position list.

Austin Plastics and Supply, Inc., offers a full line of boards  you can use to proudly display your personnel, whether for internal use or for all to see. They come on a variety of sizes, starting with a three-deep board that’s 74 inches wide and 26 inches tall. The largest is a 12-deep board that’s perfect for larger programs that want to track varsity and sub-varsity squads in one place. It measures 74 inches by 48 inches. Others boards available include six deep and nine deep.

All these depth boards have 12 spots for both offense and defense, providing a spot for injured players, specialty players, or specific personnel packages. Names can be updated instantly with special card stock and a printing program that produces 1×5 inch inserts.

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