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When’s the Last Time You Thought About Equipment Room Shelving?

posted 2018-08-05T19:42:47 in Product Announcement


It’s easy to take routine and mundane things for granted. For example, when was the last time you thought about the shelving in your equipment room?

It doesn’t take long to realize that without proper shelving your equipment room falls apart—figuratively and literally. Fortunately, the professionals at List Industries spend a lot of their time thinking about shelving.

Their bulk rack shelving is perfect for the equipment room. The welded uprights consist of 14 gauge channel bracing welded to H-post vertical members. There are three shelf levels per unit adjusted on 3-inch centers. Its high clearance easily accommodates large items. The absence of back braces means you can load from the front and back while side sway braces maintain a rigid structure.

You have three options for the shelving surfaces themselves: particle board, wire, and steel. They range in size from 48 inches by 24 inches to 96 by 48 inches. You can also save money by buying starter units as necessary and then filling in the rest with less expensive adders.

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