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Turn any wall into a training space

posted 2018-08-04T20:55:08 in Case Study

The Perform-X Trak-X system is being implemented into the inlaid platform in several high school, college and professional weight rooms across the country.  However, this customized metal strip that allows for safe and effective anchoring of resistance cords is not limited to being installed into the floor. The Trak-X system can also be mounted to the wall (given specifications) providing a very versatile performance station for training strength, power and movement in all athletes.

“The wall-mounted Trak-X system provides us with some variation and diversity to the agility and plyometric training programs by adding variable resistance to the movements” says University of Michigan strength and conditioning coach Lew Porchiazzo.  Coach Porchiazzo adds that “the feedback that we’ve received from many coaches and student-athletes is highly positive. The common theme being Perform-X vertical wall Trak system has allowed us to make our movement training more ‘sport-specific’.”

To learn more about how the University of Michigan has implemented the Perform-X Trak-X system into their training program, click here.

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