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Winning Game Plan for Heat Safety

posted 2018-08-01T20:58:45 in Product Announcement

The WeatherSentry Sports Edition is not just for tracking dangerous lightning that could halt your sporting events and harm your athletes, staff, and fans. It’s also a savior when it comes to battling excessive heat and humidity.

That’s why DTN, the innovators of this trusted weather tracking and analytics tool, sought to educate their customers on why looking at the current temperature outside isn’t enough to keep everyone safe. DTN accomplished that last week by hosting a free online seminar titled “Winning Game Plan for Heat Safety.”

A vital feature of the WeatherSentry Sports Edition is its ability to monitor the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature, which lead sports meteorologist at DTN, Brad Nelson, explains in depth. In addition, Nelson discusses how these temperatures are calculated and why an increasing number of professionals in athletics prefer the measure to heat index readings.

Last week’s seminar also divulged into best practices for any decisions administrators must make in regards to temperature thresholds and how expert meteorological advice is the key to creating a lifesaving plan against extreme heat and humidity at sporting events.

Follow the link to access a replay of DTN’s “Winning Game Plan for Heat Safety” seminar and to learn more about why wet bulb globe temperature forecasts are critical to planning practice and game schedules.

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