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Chafing and Blisters: Causes, Prevention, & Treatment

posted 2018-08-02T16:53:56 in Product Announcement

Athletic trainers and their athletes are no strangers to discomfort, but chafing and blisters provide a unique set of challenges – and a lot of pain. And in the heart of a busy season, resting to allow for healing is rarely the answer.

With this in mind, Medi-Dyne took the lead to not only create products to help combat these issues, but to also educate their customers on how chafing and blisters occur and what steps to take for future prevention and treatment.

To begin, those involved in athletics must understand the difference between chafing and blistering. Chafing is usually caused by any activity that requires skin to repeatedly rub against another area of skin or article of clothing. The most common symptom is a painful stinging or burning sensation. Blisters are caused by rubbing, pressure, or a burn, fluid builds up beneath the part of the skin being rubbed, resulting in pressure and pain.

Something as simple as ill-fitting gear rubbing against unprotected skin or excessive exposure to the sun can be the culprit of these problems. The first line of defense is to understand how your daily activities can result in a blister or chafing and take the necessary precautions. This can be accomplished by identifying potential hot spots and protecting them, especially at the first sign of redness.

To treat and prevent both chafing and blisters, Medi-Dyne offers a complete line of products that are safe for daily use, won’t stain clothing or uniforms, and will stay on the skin for maximum protection. The company’s two most popular brands are available for just $13 each.

The 2Toms SportShield, which is available in a roll-on or convenient towelette, creates a smooth, invisible coating to protect the skin. It can be applied to any part of the body where skin is vulnerable to chafing or blisters. SportShield®’s sweatproof formula can be used during the most vigorous of activities without coming off. It even works under wetsuits!

Specifically for preventing blisters on the hands and feet, the 2Toms BlisterShield creates a frictionless surface that reduces heat build-up, moisture, and blister formation. It repels moisture to keep the skin dry while reducing discomfort, lending a noticeable difference to its competitors in the market. “Other ‘all natural’ blister prevention products are derived from plant and animal fats and function similarly to greases and ointments. As they absorb moisture, their effectiveness in reducing friction declines,” states Medi-Dyne on its website. “BlisterShield’s technologically advanced blister prevention formula never loses its effectiveness – from start to finish.”

For blisters that have already occurred, Medi-Dyne’s 2Toms Skin-on-Skin is the perfect solution for discomfort and healing.  Skin-on-Skin is available in jars of 1” squares and 3” circles.


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