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A Rebounder With Versatility

posted 2018-07-24T18:38:45 in Product Announcement

Medicine ball exercises are a staple of many workout routines. Whether the goal is performance enhancement by strengthening the core or helping an athlete rehab from an injury, medicine balls are versatile piece of equipment that can get the job done.

But most strength coaches and athletic trainers don’t have enough time available to catch medicine ball tosses from their athletes. Fortunately, rebounders are available to help athletes complete these important workouts on their own.

For example, the new PlyoBack Reflex from Exertools is a durable, versatile and easy-to-use system. The PlyoBack Reflex is more than just a rebounder, however, it’s an integrated training station that includes balance station, an angled plyometric jump station, a jog station, and medicine ball rebounder all in one.

The PlyoBack reflex features 40-inch tramp frame with a 32-inch-square true and responsive rebounding surface. The two-ply tramp has eight stitches on outer edge, with quadruple stitches creating an inner square target. The quick-responsive rebounding surface utilizes 40 springs, allowing true return of balls and a comfortable standing surface. Plus, its has multiple, pre-set adjustment settings from zero- to 60-degree angles and a stabilization handle for support when performing balance, stabilization, and jogging exercises.

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