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ZERO1 to Outfit Casa Grande High School

posted 2018-07-09T16:53:11 in Case Study

The ZERO1 football helmet, developed by VICIS, uses new technology designed to reduce impact forces and help better protect football players against head injuries. Jumping at the opportunity to put safety first is Casa Grande (Calif.) High School, where they will be outfitting every player with their own personal ZERO1 helmet.

Denis Brunk, Head Coach at Casa Grande, has been coaching for over 26 years, and when he first learned about VICIS he knew the company was on to something big. “The helmet design immediately caught my attention when I first read about it, and then when a rep from VICIS visited our school and brought samples, my first reaction was that it was a product that could change football,” he says. “I know that’s a very strong statement, but we keep hearing about how participation in football is declining due to concussions and general head injuries, and this product could really make a difference.”

The ZERO1’s multiple layers work together to slow impact forces. The helmet features a soft outer shell and an underlying layer of columns designed to mitigate collisions from multiple directions. Its effectiveness is also backed up by testing, performing better than all helmets tested in both the Virginia Tech helmet rating, and the NFL/NFLPA helmet laboratory performance testing for 2018.

What also makes VICIS stand out is its commitment to making sure the helmets are properly fitted. “What makes VICIS different is not only the construction of the helmet, but also the way they’re educating coaches and equipment managers about how to fit the helmet, and that’s a piece that I think gets left out of the conversation a lot,” Brunk says. “VICIS goes above and beyond fitting our kids individually, and they’ve come to our high school twice now just for fittings.”

Brunk is committed to providing ZERO1 helmets to every one of his players, from the freshman team to J.V. to varsity, and he’s gotten the school and the community on board. Not only has this made returning players and parents even excited about the upcoming season, it has also contributed to a significant increase in the number of incoming freshmen.

“We have 50 kids coming into our freshmen program who want to play football, and I haven’t seen that in years,” Brunk says. “To see the numbers up for incoming freshmen is phenomenal because the media tells constantly that football is too dangerous and kids aren’t playing as much as they used to. I think getting these helmets makes a difference, and it can be part of the push to get more participants.”

Best Benefit
The VICIS ZERO1 is a highly engineered football helmet designed to reduce impact forces.

Did You Know?
The VICIS ZERO1 provides a wider field of view than traditional helmets. The sooner you see, the sooner you can react.

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