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How Logos Can Affect the Recruiting Process

posted 2018-07-09T16:42:43 in Product Announcement

Enhance Mats believes it is possible to inspire legendary performances out of your athletes through amazing athletic facilities, and an essential part of success is your school’s ability to convey excellence and accomplishment. This can be done visually, and Enhance Mats has the expertise to create a powerful on-campus experience for recruits, donors, alumni, and fans.

“Branding athletic facilities has become an increasingly important component in the highly competitive industry of higher education,” says Enhance Mats. “Each school works hard to recruit by creating a brand that speaks to the highest qualities of their institution.”

This is particularly important when recruiting for college athletics, and the experts at Enhance Mats believe to achieve a high perception of value amongst prospective student-athletes and their families, a school or university’s branding must be consistent. Prominent logos displayed proudly builds trust and loyalty with new recruits.

“When talking to elite coaches, a common thread is often the importance of recruiting. It is often referred to as the blood that keeps an organization alive and thriving,” says Enhance Mats. “Nothing is more important to new recruits than the idea that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.”

If it’s time to upgrade your athletic facilities, your institution’s logo can be worked into places athletic directors often overlook.  Enhance Mats believes that instilling school pride through a prominent display of logos is the force behind driving community support for athletics.

“Logos give teams unique identities,” says Enhance Mats. “Without those unique identities, it is easy for schools to get lost in the noise and become another face in the crowd.”


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