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Good Things Come in Small Packages

posted 2018-06-27T14:05:20 in Product Announcement

The Wolverhampton Wanderers, a professional soccer club in England, had a dilemma. They had been using a SwimEx 600 T series hydrotherapy pool since 2005 and wanted to expand their hydrotherapy options. They wanted to add a small hot plunge pool and a small cold plunge pool. However, their facility had very limited space for new pools. SwimEx engineers designed a solution that could fit the confined spaces yet still be comfortable for the athletes to use. The final pool was a little under eight feet wide and a little over six feet long, which provides enough room to do the same exercises available in a large pool.

To increase player comfort, they also designed drain suctions that fit into the side of the pool as opposed to their common location at the bottom. They even came up with a way to split the pool into three sections so it could be transported down a narrow hallway before installation.

While the size may be a little smaller than normal, there were no corners cut. The pool was decorated with the team’s color and logos and the layout was custom designed to fit their needs.

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