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Highlight Top Pool Performers

posted 2018-06-27T13:36:40 in Product Announcement

Few sports keep as close an eye on records as swimming and diving. Swimmers constantly compare their marks against the school and pool records, hoping to someday see their name on the big board.

Make sure that your record boards are reflective of record-setting performance by getting them from Austin Plastics & Supply. They have a wide variety of boards designed specifically for swimming and diving.

The high school and university boards range in size from their small models, which are 48”x94” (32 square feet), to extra-extra large, which are 11.3 feet by 17.5 feet (nearly 200 square feet). They have also four standard sizes in between. And if you can’t find what you need., they can custom make a board to your specifications.

All boards from Austin Plastics & Supply are available with either engraved name plates or card stock plates. Both are quick and easy to replace. The card stock plates have the added convenience being able to be printed in your office and updated as quickly as needed.

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