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Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Shelving

posted 2018-06-11T16:33:39 in Product Announcement

As hectic as athletic facility makeovers can be, the process for choosing and installing new shelving units for your locker rooms, athletic training space, or executive offices should be treated with caution. Not only does the shelving need to be designed to maximize already tight spaces, it should also represent your athletic department’s overall mission.

Aurora Storage has plenty of experience helping athletic departments around the country bring their brand to life by installing fully customizable shelving units, and they know how important of a role the planning process plays in any redesign.

“You will need to ask yourself a couple of questions before committing to just any shelving systems,” Aurora Storage  advises in a blog on its website. “It is important, first off, to ask yourself what is being stored. That will help you figure out if you need security features, customization features, and more.”

The next consideration that must be made is aesthetics. Aurora Storage’s lineup of shelving options varies in size and usage, yet all units have the advantages of easy assembly, strength, and a modern appearance that is available in dozens of colors. After that, there are still a few more questions to ask.

“Whatever you’re looking for, be sure to make yourself aware  of how much space you will need, today and for the future,” the blog states.

Access Aurora Storage’s complete list of the five questions to ask yourself when deciding on shelving.

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