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Sports Laundry Systems

Helping Athletes Stay Healthy

posted 2018-06-10T17:43:10 in Product Announcement

Sports Laundry Systems focuses on the proper cleaning and disinfection of athletic laundry. In doing so, Sports Laundry Systems help prevent athletes, coaches and assistants from contracting infections due to contamination from soiled laundry.

This is thanks to a solution that teams highly programmable washers and dryers with ozone injection. Unique in the athletic industry, Sports Laundry Systems deliver disinfection combined with performance, productivity, efficiency and quality results. When ozone gas is injected into the washer, it attaches to and breaks down organic materials like soils, bacteria, molds and greases. Working best in cold water, ozone leaves only oxygen behind and is environmentally friendly.

Not only do Sports Laundry Systems eliminate 99.9 percent of all superbugs, including MRSA, hepatitis and HIV, they cut water usage by up to 50 percent and hot water usage by 30 percent, when compared with most other laundry products.

Sports Laundry Systems are utilized every day by hundreds of high schools and universities across North America to quickly clean athletic laundry, helmets, and pads. UCLA, Rice University, IMG Academy, Cabrillo College, Alabama State University, and University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh are among them. Operation is a snap. Students, athletes, coaches, or equipment managers just load, select a program number, and press start. Laundry smells fresh; looks bright, white, and clean.

Many schools use their Sports Laundry Systems to clean and disinfect helmets and pads. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) recommends organizations adopt and follow a program of helmet inspection and reconditioning that meets their particular needs. By cleaning and disinfecting helmets and pads in-house, schools and universities often save on reconditioning/recertification costs–returning those dollars to their program’s bottom line.

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