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Confidently protect athletes and spectators from inclement weather

posted 2018-06-08T01:40:48 in Blog

Delaying, canceling, or rescheduling a sporting event can be a tough call but a necessary one when the lives of athletes and spectators are in your hands. Eliminate the guesswork with the help of DTN’s WeatherSentry Sports Edition. Rely on DTN’s accurate daily forecasts for the next 15 days and hourly forecasts for the immediate 72 hours to plan better schedules or make informed last-minute decisions based on current weather conditions.

WeatherSentry Sports Edition will help you monitor severe weather, lightning, heat, and rain. Know if a storm is approaching your area and when. Create over 50 custom weather parameters that alert you when certain conditions arise that could jeopardize the safety of your sporting event. All the lightning and weather data you need is easily viewable on one customizable dashboard accessed online via phone, or PC.

Don’t be struck off guard

Lightning is one of the most dangerous threats to both athletes and fans. WeatherSentry Sports Edition combines the best global lightning detection networks with automated intelligence so you can stop guessing and start knowing when lightning is on the horizon. WeatherSentry Sports Edition can generate reports that include not only the proximity of lightning strikes but all the details about each strike – distance, amperage, polarity, time and location.

Keep athletes safe from dangerously hot conditions

Heat is a major threat to athletes as it pushes the human body beyond its limits. In extreme heat and high humidity, evaporation is slowed and the body must work extra hard to maintain a normal temperature. Looking at just the current temperature isn’t enough to keep athletes safe. Use WeatherSentry Sports Edition to monitor Wet Bulb Globe Temperature, which provides a more comprehensive and reliable measure of the impact of heat on the human body than just the heat index.

DTN offers a free trial and protect athletes and spectators from severe weather.

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