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Ultimate Hydration

posted 2018-06-08T01:02:02 in Blog

Keeping athletes hydrated during practice and competition is of utmost importance, especially during the warmer seasons. Coaches and athletic trainers can now feel confident in their athletes’ safety with the ULTIMATE Horizontal Power Model from Waterboy Sports. With a 55-gallon tank, there is no need to worry about water supply running low or running out. And an insulated All-drain™ sump ensures that ice stays frozen and water stays cooler longer.

Athletes are kept safe from contamination when drinking or filling their water bottles from the Horizontal Power Model, as the 8 direct hydration nozzles have FDA-approved beverage spouts that are equipped with anti-microbial-treated Safety Spouts. And while it has many features that make this product ideal for athlete hydration, that doesn’t mean it is more difficult to transport and utilize. Coaches and athletic trainers can easily move the tank either by hand or behind a vehicle, as the heavy-duty tow arm handles the full weight over all terrains.

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