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Adding Variety and Stability

posted 2018-06-08T00:56:59 in Product Announcement

Strength coaches and athletic trainers can now add a wider variety of exercises to their athletes’ regimen with the OPTP Stability Trainer. Athletes using the Trainer can improve strength and functionality throughout their bodies with balance and core stabilization exercises. With its compact size, coaches can easily take the OPTP Stability Trainer along on any team trips or move it quickly between venues.

Coaches and athletic trainers can also create a more unilateral-based program, as the Trainer’s size makes it ideal for single-leg and one-handed exercises. And with a soft, high quality foam that is lightweight and durable, athletes will be provided with comfort and improved ankle or wrist stability. There is also less of a need to worry about athlete safety during exercises, as the textured surface of the OPTP Stability Trainer allows for non-slip footing and security.

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