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List Industries Gives Locker Room a Lift

posted 2018-06-05T13:36:49 in Case Study

Last winter, the Western Illinois University football program decided it was time to remodel their locker room, which hadn’t been updated since the early 2000s. Though the school had worked with various locker providers in the past, they knew that the right company for this job was List Industries. The relationship with List stemmed from a small project with the volleyball team and quickly grew to involve a major renovation for the school’s biggest sports program.

“We had previously worked with List to install six lockers in our volleyball locker room,” explains Joseph Roselieb, Director of Residential Facilities at Western Illinois. “We already had lockers from a different manufacturer, but the coach wanted to add a few players to her roster and therefore add some locker space. We had a couple hiccups during the project, and Steve Troyano (List Industries’ National Sales Manager for Collegiate Athletics) came to campus and solved our issues within a couple days.

“What I really like about Steve is that he doesn’t try to up-sell,” Roselieb continues. “He’s got some big accounts under his umbrella and some small accounts, and we kind of fall in the middle. After coming to our campus and seeing our facilities, he was good at giving us suggestions based on what other schools are doing. That’s what led us to the decision to go with List for the football lockers, because I felt like we were going to get taken care of from the beginning to the end.”

The locker room renovation, which included replacing traditional metal lockers with customized wood ones, has allowed the football program to compete with facilities at other top NCAA Division I schools, providing a valuable recruitment tool. It has also brought some added attention to the campus, which is located in the city of Macomb in rural West-Central Illinois.

“We’re in a very rural area, so things like this are a big deal,” Roselieb says. “It’s a great way to attract athletes to our program because now it looks like a professional locker room or something you would see at a huge school. Our current players and football alumni really enjoyed seeing it when it was unveiled in the spring, and many of the folks who donate to the program were very proud and glad to see where their money was going.”

Installing the new lockers went off without a hitch—though List Industries made sure they were available if needed.

“They were good to work with, answered our questions in a timely manner, and they never had to come up to campus during the project, even though they offered to,” Roselieb says. “All in all, they did a good and thorough job throughout the project.”

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