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Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC

Olympian Strength Aquatic Training & Rehabilitation

posted 2018-05-19T20:38:29 in Video

Coaches and athletic trainers can now help their athletes rehabilitate and build muscle faster with the AquaFit from Hudson Aquatic Systems. When using the AquaFit, athletes will receive the benefits of exercising in water, lowering impact and increasing outcomes in half the time of land based workouts. The stabilizing and buoyant effects of water also enables many athletes to perform exercises in water that they cannot do on land. Even highly decorated Olympian and Gold Medalist volleyball Player Lloy Ball has enjoyed the benefits of the AquaFit.

Watch this video to learn how the AquaFit has helped Lloy Ball recuperate and excel, and how it can increase your athletes’ longevity, help them rehab faster and better, get rid of lactic acid, and get muscles ready to compete right away.


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