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Laundry Loops Evolve with Plus, Heat-Resistant Printing

posted 2018-05-19T19:56:42 in Blog

Equipment managers have one of the toughest jobs in athletics, and few understand their daily challenges more than Peggy Durney, co-founder of Laundry Loops. She served as one at the collegiate level for over 23 years, and her biggest frustration was caused by inefficiencies in the laundering process.

“Athletic equipment managers just don’t have the extra time required to wash and dry garments loose, then sort and match the items,” she says. “It always bothered me and was in the back of my mind everyday.”

When she began her career in 1976, Durney’s available options did not present much help. Five-inch brass safety pins used to hold clothing together would cause tears and holes in the garments, and switching to laundry bags still left her unsatisfied. Laundry wouldn’t get clean enough and took over two hours to dry, and clothing turned out wrinkled.

That’s why in 2003, Durney and her husband, Mike, began to test out a possible solution. The duo thought a type of laundry strap would make the process more time efficient and less costly. After researching materials, touring manufacturing facilities, and meticulously testing their prototypes, the idea for Laundry Loops came to fruition.

“Laundry Loops allow clothing to stay together throughout the cycle, but they are washing and drying as if they are loose, making laundry cleaner, dryer, and less wrinkled,” says Mike Durney. “Customers tell us that their drying time was cut in half compared to using laundry bags.”

Each original loop holds from eight to 10 garments and features an attached snare that can hold a items like socks, beanies, and gloves. And now, the company has introduced the Laundry Loop Plus, which can hold 12-14 garments. Five inches longer than the original loop, it also comes with a second sock snare. Both come in 18 colors and are always in stock.

New This Year: Heat-Resistant Printing on Label

But that’s not the only recent addition to their repertoire. After listening to customers’ requests for customizable labels, Laundry Loops is now able to offer heat-resistant printing. Bold-style numbering and lettering is available, along with the option to print full-color logos on the loop’s label.

“After a lengthy search for the very best process available, we are pleased to offer this option to our customers.  It could make their job easier. When their customized order arrives, the Laundry Loops will be ready to go straight from the box to the lockers.”says Peggy Durney.

Operating out of the Northern Rockies, Laundry Loops has now been in business for 15 years. With over 6,000 loyal customers worldwide, they are found in high school and collegiate equipment rooms across the United States and are also well known in professional sports. They have proudly served every Major League Baseball team and nearly all minor league teams for decades, in addition to some clients in the NBA and NFL.

“It’s all word of mouth – people realize how efficient it is and how much time it saves, so they recommend it to others. We feel that if people try the product, it will speak for itself,” says Peggy Durney. “We’re not as interested in how many we can sell as how they satisfy our customers.”

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