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What Causes More Damage to Gym Floors? The Answer May Surprise You.

posted 2018-05-15T15:07:17 in Case Study

Here’s a scenario: a 6,000-lb. Elephant and someone wearing high heels decide to take a stroll on your newly-finished gym floor. What is going to cause more damage?

While an elephant visiting your gym is on the unlikely side, it is more than possible for some of your visitors to be wearing high heels, which actually does cause significant damage.

“If a woman loses the tip off the heel of her stiletto high heels, the damage will be multiplied tremendously, as her weight is concentrated on the tip of a nailhead,” explains Enhance Mats on their blog. “Now the metal nail, that should be holding the protective tip in place, becomes a weapon that will destroy your floor.”

This unfortunately happened to a gymnasium floor at a high school in South Falls, South Dakota, when the floor was destroyed by heels during a special event.

“The protruding nail dug into the floor causing ‘pockmarks’ from one end of the gym to the other. Scratches were everywhere,” Enhance Mats explains in their blog. “The gym floor and its finish had been totaled, and the gym floor was a disaster!”

Instances like these are exactly why Enhance Mats urges all high school and college athletic directors to invest in a gym floor cover. Not only will it allow your space to be used for non-athletic functions, but schools can also save time and money on refinishing their floors in the long run.

“New gym floors can cost up to $200,000, and a gym floor refinish can cost $20,000+, not to mention the downtime needed to complete the project,” the Enhance Mats blog states. “Your gym floor cover protection investment is a must!”

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